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Latifat Ajao Gbadamosi

Latifat Ajao Gbadamosi

 Mrs. Latifat Ajao Gbadamosi, is a Tv host, Red carpet & Event host. She is also a fashionpreneur. She has always wanted to be on TV, it’s a like a dream come true for her as she's been on TV for over two years already.

 Mrs. Latifat is a graduate of Masscommunication, ABU Zaria, currently running her Masters programme in UNILAG also in Masscommunication. She's a very professional person that’s why she keeps pursuing that line of Broadcast career and not trying to deviate. 

Not just the media gig, she also has a thing for buying and selling, so you can call her the hustle Queen, 😂. 

She Started business since her undergraduate days but fully made it a side hustle in 2016 under a registered company. 

She is a fashionista, so delving into Fashion business was just the goal for her. 




 "Well, the drive behind being a TV host is because I realized that people always compliment my voice all the time when I speak, like; "hey I like your voice.." I started listening to my self more, when I speak, people listen, so guess what? I talked more😀 and did I add that I am a writer? Yes writing was the first talent I knew I had, I am a poet, I write short stories and all, I used to represent my school for interstate competitions for literary and debate. So I realized this is me. I love to write, people love to hear me speak, I had that socialization spirit, where do I fit it in? TV of course ourse or Radio. I just knew I wanted to be in the Broadcast line. So I started watching a lot of TV, started forming TV host while talking to the mirror in my room and all of that. And then, I told myself I needed to pursue the broadcast career. The voice is there, the looks and of course the personality so why not TV. The business line is just something I never planned for, it’s just an instinct that built up over time, every time I wore something, someone would compliment me; "I love your top, your shoes are nice, I love your outfit"... and then I said to myself, why not sell all of these things they love on me and make money while receiving compliments?

 So that’s how the fashion business started in my undergraduate days and I still run it today. 

Sometimes other people see you more than you see yourself , all you need to do is listen."




Achieving my Dream of being on TV. It’s a hit success for me, I know a lot of people who want to be on TV but never got the opportunity to be Because they never got employed or you know fate happens and all. But I wanted it and I got it.

 That’s awesome if you ask me.

 It started in my 200level we had this very long ASUU strike which lasted 6 months or thereabout, I was just at home lazying around and then I saw this scroll message on HIPTV about audition for a VJ and I was thinking about it, I told my boyfriend (now my husband) about it and then he said "why not"? That was my first shot. With hundreds of people present, I made it to the finals surprisingly, but I was still in school so I was told to come back after graduation for full employment. It was then that I confirmed that yes, this is it! So in my final year I auditioned for Lindaikeji TV and MTVbase VJ search also, I made it LindaIkeji semi finals but didn’t make it through the MTVbase VJ search. Before I graduated, I got a call from an independent Producing TV outfit who was offering me a very wonderful startup salary for someone who wasn’t even done with her project, so after school, I went for it. I already started working and showing on TVC and other stations even before my convocation was set. I was finally on TV and everyone called me left and right to send compliments, it was a hit success for me. 



 "Well, I am of the opinion that you should present yourself how you want people to see you. If you want people to see you as a girl from a poor background with no ambition so be it, and if you want people to see you as a girl with fake wealth and no sense so be it. But what I know is, whatever you want to fake, you have to be sure it’s giving you money and it’s helping you achieve your dreams. Some people fake it till they make it, some fail at it. So I feel it depends on how well you are good at faking it. But frankly speaking there is nothing as been yourself but because you live in the gutters don’t wear gutter clothes just to show people you are been real. Some might pay attention, some won’t. If you know where you came from is a low background, work hard and do all you can to make sure you re-write your story and take your family out of the gutters. How do you that? Get an education, learn a skill, network with the right people and see your life change, you wouldn’t even need to fake it anymore because your hardwork will speak for itself.

Most people who came from the dirts and are rich today didn’t just sit back and rub the dirts on their faces, they washed up and aimed for greatness with all the things I listed above. But if you are faking it and you have no education, no skill , no talent, no business you are running, my dear your time is just around the corner if you don’t change."

Just so you know, Creativity is all its takes to makes waves regardless of your gender. Keep up with us as bring notable women whom have sacrificed alot to be where they are now. 

Anticipate the Leave the box 2020. 

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