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LOLA ADENIYI: Fashion is What you do with your Life...

LOLA ADENIYI: Fashion is What you do with your Life...

A brand new week is here, and I'm sure the weekend was great!!! 

I met a this amazing woman on Instagram and I'm pretty sure she's a stylist you wanna meet ☺ 

Lola Adeniyi is a Fashion Stylist, A Fashion Designer , A Photograher, Creative Director and a Style Influencer. A wife and a mother to two adorable twin boy and girl.  

 Speaking with ngkings.com.ng on how she got into the fashion world, she said..... 

"Fashion Designing has been one of my dreams. I have always loved fashion, style and creating . From a young age I was always particular about outfits and how they fit. So fashion/style to me has always been a lifestyle. I decided to follow my dreams officially about 4 years ago and I am happy I did.... 

.... Just so you know, one of the greatest rewards is to look back and smile back at the day you took the step that had taken you to where you are at the moment.... 

Question: What part of your sto Just ry in life so far do you think can give hope to the Nigerian youths?

LOLA: Oh!!! I think my entire life. 

I grew up in nigeria and 80% of my education came from nigeria and I wont trade that for anything in the world. So there is hope for every youth. If I can do it, you can tooo.... 

Basically, Fashion entrepreneurs tend to have much patrons at some point and might not meet up with deadlines for delivery... Sometimes some lie to patrons and all, Meanwhile it's important to deliberately Not accept some new jobs when the workload is high or probably there are other ways to go around it... 

So asking Lola Adeniyi How she beats time for patrons, she said: 

"I am very organized and I do not overload neither do I promise what I cant achieve. I work very hard but i try to build my brand in such a way that my client can trust me to do what I can do when I can do it. So I am super duper cautious of that..." 

Literally, for every skill you acquire, you easily have tools to do some personal developments and updates on your individual self but at Fashion, it's a whole different story since we Have defined fashion as a lifestyle. So how do you think new styles come to existence and you wana just rock it? 

The Answer is CREATIVITY which Lola's element ☺ 

"..... Tools for fashion? Honestly I have absolutely no tools . If you know it, you know it. Fashion is what you do with your way of life which should be style. I do get inspired by my fav celebrities, magazines and others but most creations have always been me. Its been me being me. I mean you can get inspiration from other stylist/celebrities or influencers but originality is the goal. So the tool should be YOU!!!…"

I'm sure you now believe when I said Creativity is her Element. ☺ 

Trends follow a sequence of existence and that is 


meaning when trend comes, it gets slayed, then becomes less popular or finally go then comes back hotter after years!!! 

So let's take a run down of Lola's 2020 Trends: 

" Well, I see Polka dot is not going anywhere. Plaids , White, black, floral, tutus, lots of dresses with drapes , nude/nature tone makeup and loads of other stuff all trending in 2020..."

Well, personally, I'll be doing more of Plaids in 2020, who's with me? 😉. 



Thanks for been here this Monday to keep a date with this Esteemed fashion dictionary 😂; Mrs. Lola Adeniyi. 

Click here to get familiar with her. 

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