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Meet Elisabeth kumje is a model, a YouTuber and an Entrepreneur

Meet Elisabeth kumje is a model, a YouTuber and an Entrepreneur

Elisabeth kumje  is a model, a YouTuber and an Entrepreneur

Her modeling life started because of her sister.

she said "My elder sister has been modeling since she was a 18 and she motivated me to go into modeling which I turned out to be good at"

"When it comes to having my own business, I always knew that I don’t want to do work for any body 
I always wanted my own business. You know growing up we were told to school so we can get a good job and this made lots of people to focus on education instead of acquiring a skill or starting they own business, the world is change and in Nigeria today there not enough job for graduation and that where my drive for for personal business started"


About Youtube "My life is very very interesting and I have lots of story to put out there , that why I do YouTube and also to make money"



Gender shouldn’t be a factor in whether or not a person can be a great leader — a person’s leadership abilities should depend on their individual strengths and personality traits. However, in many cases, women aren’t encouraged to take on leadership roles as often as their male counterparts, contributing to an imbalance of who’s in power

Elisabeth has said Nigerian Government should give Women more chances in Leadership; "I think Nigerian government should give woman more chance in politics, they will definitely do better than most men, look at Ngozi okonjo iweala she is doing well internationally."

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