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Miss Phenomenon Nigeria unveils new Queens

Miss Phenomenon Nigeria unveils new Queens

Miss Phenomenon Nigeria is an online pageant founded in 2019 to help the girl child realize her dreams. Miss Phenomenon Nigeria seeks to empower the girl child and create a suitable atmosphere for her to discover herself and put her potentials to good use. At Miss Phenomenon Nigeria, everything is done online from the comfort of your home, your skin colour, height or size does not matter because we do not believe beauty comes in shapes, sizes or skin colour.


We believe all girls are beautiful just the way they are and that’s why we accept all girls who wants to contest regardless of their size, height or skin colour.




Oche Christiana Kelvin Face of Phenomenon Nigeria 2020.

" Actually participating in this pageant was a decision I took on took my own will. "

...My parents are not fans of modeling so I had to support myself through everything. At some point I lost hope, after taking my picture for the contest it automatically went missing from the photographers system (you can imagine) I felt like giving up honestly because the deadline for submission was the next day... 



Face of phenomenon voting was tough honestly, I tried my best to keep up,I did a lot of promotions with my savings, I couldn't even ask my parents for cash, it was just me and my older brother all the way.

When I emerged Face of Phenomenon Nigeria 2020 I was in the moon, the joy in my heart was top notch πŸ˜‚ I was honestly not expecting it, so when the CEO posted it I shouted for joy I felt honored and blessed at the same time. 


I have always wanted to be a humanitarian queen and a role model to the girl child not just in Nigeria but in the world at large, being a Queen of this prestigious brand would help me in achieving all my dreams and taking my humanitarian duties seriously.



 Olivia Mbanusi Chinemelum. 

 the current Face of Phenomenon Nigeria 1st Runner-Up  from Anambra State.


 My dream profession is to be a journalist and my dream career is to be a fashion designer and a model. 


Her friends described her as a kind hearted, generous sympathetic, cute and a sweet girl.

Her strengths are her attitude! She's persistent in getting what she puts my mind to.

..."I take challenges and fight my way till the end of every situation although sometimes as a human I don't always get what I want but I keep my hopes and dreams alive, I'm self disciplined and a good dreamer."...


 I love music, I love to look good, watching cartoons and traveling.



Obodo Ifeyinwa Vivian is the current Face of Phenomenon Nigeria 2nd Runner-Up, from Udi in Enugu state, an English student in university of Nigeria Nsukka.



" During the voting, my biggest obstacle was getting people to follow the page. Seeing the way the likes of other contestants increased did not scare me. I kept striving and never gave up because I believe in my self and giving up doesn't win the battle and these are characteristics of a real queen."


...When I was announced one of the queens, I was so surprised and happy.  I'm really glad and grateful to be one of MPN Queens which has always been my dreams. With my crown πŸ‘‘, I will be able to meet more people, go to places and get involved positively in things I wouldn't have been able to. I would also use it to inspire many young girls out there, if I can do it, then they can too and to also be a role model to the younger generation...


Akintola funmilayo azeezat is the current Face of Phenomenon Nigeria 3rd Runner-Up. A 19 years old determined lady from Oyo state but lives in Lagos state. 

She's an entrepreneur and a very hardworking teenager. 


I love life and share happiness and good vibes all around me when present. 



My voting experience was really exhausting but challenging too. It was when I was still writing my end of the session’s exams and I had to focus on my exams more despite the fact I wanted to also win. So, when my exams ended, I kept striving and pushing for my likes and I was able to get at least 3,000 likes with the help of my friends and brands’ influencers too and I will say it wasn’t easy for me but thanks to God. When I was announced as one of the winners, I was really shocked, overwhelmed and happy tooπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•. 


I wanted to give up at some point but I just kept pushing, not knowing it will yield a positive result like this. Thanks to God and the brand. 


...I will use my crown to impact the society positively by letting upcoming Queens know that they should just be themselves in anything they want to do. I will make sure I share my love, happiness and kindness with people around me...

Although I can be misunderstood sometimes, I won’t let that get to me as a Queen and keep striving for the best and also help the society grow. I love women empowerment so much and I also love taking care of people on the streets and that will be my main highlight as the Queen of this reputable brand . 


There's more to being a QUEEN which is what distinguishes the phenomenal women crowned as Beauty Queens for Miss Phenomenon Nigeria.






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