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Modelling is all about Creativity : Blessing Osirim

Modelling is all about Creativity : Blessing Osirim

Every day we are opportuned to meet individuals who have got nothing than to be creative and getting results. 

There is a better way to clamour for gender equality and that way is Women making their Works, skills and services count by making waves in whatever they do. 

Today we have an amazing woman who has always been on her own feet and working daily to be better than yesterday. 

Blessing Osirim is a native of Delta state based in FCT Abuja. Modelling has been her thing and she is good at it. Her love for nice outfits brought her into modelling and basically, there's hardly a dress that don't look great on her 😂. 

Blessing make dresses too. One unique factor about her styles is they are simple and classy (outside the box). Her fashion designing skills was still inspired by the habit of putting on beautiful dresses only.

Blessing is our WCW because she is worthy of emulation to ladies out there who just jump at been a model. She knows her nitche and has been making her waves consistently. 

Now let's run through her career that ngkings.com.ng knows about. 

Sometimes a beauty queen... Finest Girl in Nigeria 

Face of Solara Cosmetics 

Runway model for the Ade Bakara fashion line 

And many more. 

Presently in the Top twenty Ambassadors of the great Wale Jana's empire.... Sapphire scents. 

Finally, Mrs. Blessing is an amazing personality. So I'll love you to have personal encounter with her. Follow her on ig by clicking here

Let's run through some of her classy designs.

Thank you for staying!!!

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