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Monday Fashion insight with Estee Sheridan: a Celebrity fashion Blogger

Monday Fashion insight with Estee Sheridan: a Celebrity fashion Blogger

 Hey Viewers!! It's been such a long break... I miss you guys 😢. But it was all for a better upgrade for us all. 

Aside the fact that we are back and upgraded successfully, it also doubles that we have been connected here for a year already... So its our anniversary today. Then, on this special day, guess who we have here, A celebrity Fashion Blogger for the special Day!!! Yay!!! Let's meet her. 

Estee Sheridan is a married fashion blogger, a mother of twins, an influencer and a promoter. In Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.  


Estee coined her definition of fashion from some compound words. 

"For me Fashion and being a Fashion enthusiast is beyond clothes and the trending label. My passion and enthusiasm for fashion is coined from the following words, being sophisticated, healthy living, improved and sharper look that enhance your involvement in the environment and society. Giving back to your society and make people feel they can be more aware of their personality and enjoy that inner person."


She is no doubt a successful woman in what she does. She shared below:

" My major hit of success is setting up my fashion line (H-FOS) and letting someone model my brand and clothes,that for me is a remarkable accomplishment. Alongside my fashion line I started my own online store as well as my real estate firm."


How do you make choices of dresses while shopping?? 

" Fashion to me is not just grabbing new garment and putting it on, it is beyond that. You have to feel comfortable and fresh in what you wear, that’s how I make my choice."

I'm sure you really want to keep up with this amazing woman, do that on Instagram by clicking here 


Once again thanks for holding on to us this first 12 months of our blogging!!! 

We serve you better daily 



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