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One moment she has all the love and attention for herself. She makes decisions that would make her a better woman, she was always known by her name until a very precious miracle came through her, this changed her world, she felt like she had found her purpose and a reason never to give up.

A miracle that took all the love in her for him

She became a fighter for the survival of this miracle. She wore her name with pride and felt so beautiful, no one could ever understand how she felt and she could never completely express it all in words.

Before a miracle comes pain, that was wat she experienced before she got her tiny little miracle in her hands with tears flowing down her cheeks and eyes filled with so much love and joy, from dat moment she valued her life less and gave her all to her Miracle

Through all the years as her miracle grew she never thought less of him instead she loved her child more, prayed for the child than she did for herself and was ever ready to sacrifice her all for her child....and she proudly gave her name away to be called MOTHER.


Her pain became gain, her miracle changed her story, she gave up being a WOMAN to experience d beauty of MOTHER HOOD.


Pictures from:

Baby Daniella

CYIC Imagery on Instagram 

Blackmothers on Instagram 

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