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Motsepe: A true Messiah for African Football

Motsepe: A true Messiah for African Football

Motsepe; A True Messiah of African Football.

It is always nice and as well thoughtful when you have a man who is passionate about African football, his sense of commitment in the last 2 months in office can never be undermined,no wonder his pet-project Mamelodi Sundown is currently the PSL Champions and 2 time African champions in continental football.

He is an amiable and an adorable leader.

Motsepe has consulted with critical stakeholders and associates like tony elumelu, Aliko Dangote who happens to be his long time close associate and other notable dignitaries.

His clear mandate is to change the face of African football 

He has pledged all his entitlements and financial benefits from CAF & FIFA to football development in the Continent


He is truly an African son who is following the footsteps of Nelson Mandela his mentor, who taught him to always believe in Africa,

Inspite of his towering background and wealth,his humility is second to none 

He has donated 10m dollars to the establishment of FIFA-CAF Pan-African School Football championship.

According to the CAF President Patrice Motsepe who spoke passionately in Ivory Coast

"What is obtainable in an egalitarian society in terms of football development, infrastructure and content wise can be done in Africa just with the right attitude to work and professionalism to the core, we have enormous talents in Africa, we can develop African football through infrastructure and content for African players to play in Africa league to avoid mass exodus of African talents representing European nationality mostly" 

Like Kylian Mbappe who is naturally from Cameron but currently represents the French National team

Romelu Lukaku who is naturally from Democratic republic of Congo but currently represents the Belgian National Team

N’golo Kante who is naturally from Senegal but plays for France 


Paul Pogba who is naturally from

Democratic republic of Congo but currently represents France 

David Alaba who is a Nigerian but plays for the Austrian National team

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