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Olorisupergal: Woman Crush Monday

Olorisupergal: Woman Crush Monday

The term blogger is used in a derisive sense today, and it does not look like it will change soon. We have to ask ourselves, what does new age media stand to learn from traditional media in order that it may be enduring?”... Olorisupergal 

Oluwatosin ‘Olori Supergal’ Ajibade is one of the most respected and credible voices in new media today. Early on, she recognised the power of social media in information dissemination and the shaping of narratives. This understanding led her to organise the annual New Media Conference, which brings together the most forward thinking practitioners with a view to expand the frontiers of new media practice in Africa.

" I had a passion for it and everything fell into place with time and chance. I shared this story extensively in my book - Olori Supergal: From misfit to social media hero." 

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Taking some excerpts from a previous interview with a blog, she shed more light...... 

"... Because of the space where I thrive which is a new social media space, I needed to tell my own story because most people make it seem as if social media is for a certain set of people, but it takes a lot of consistency and hard work. The whole essence of writing the book is to inspire people, I told my own story from my background. I was a misfit, a shy type, you wont find me in any gathering, and I just keep to myself. But I was able to become a well-known person in the social media. People naturally assume that those who have achieved success in life are those from wealthy backgrounds, but I needed to tell the world that you don’t necessarily have to come from a wealthy home to become successful, as I was not brought up with a silver spoon but today it feels good to be richly blessed... "


 She shared this story extensively in her book - 

Olori Supergal: From misfit to social media hero.

Sure, OSG loves to look good, and her mood still determines her daily outfits. Her stylist gets her up to date in fashion and she also picks one or two things that she loves when she sees them. 


I'm sure you now know why  OloriSuperGal can be our Woman Crush Monday over and over again. Get familiar with her by clicking HERE 

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