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Power of Styling: CHIKAODI; Netherlands' based style Blogger giving insights.

Power of Styling: CHIKAODI; Netherlands' based style Blogger giving insights.

 Chikaodi Wildenberg is the 8th child out of nine kids, having 7 sisters and 2 brothers, from Abia state. She was born on 16th march and a graduate of Madonna University with a B.sc in political science.

Chika is a very proactive person, in the sense that she doesn't see anything going wrong without speaking. 

"if I don’t speak my I did not see it. I take it upon myself to organize things when they are not going well without anybody asking me to do it. This character was imbibed in us through my parents, that is why they are my biggest role model in life."


Today is about some fashion and style insights. Meanwhile, Chikaodi has been a fashion enthusiast from onset. 

" Right from my University days I love to dress up every day i have lectures and I look effortlessly chic in all my little outfits and everyone gives me compliment how amazing I look."

You will agree with me that Color combinations is one essential element of an individual's fashion sense and daily outfit. Chikaodi happens to be good at putting together colours to appeal to the eyes. 

" I don't find it difficult to put different colours together. People ask me at different time 'hey babes I have an event please what should I wear?' and i give tips and tricks on how you can style your clothes.".... She said. 

Style is the greatest element of fashion, this is because every potential dress isn't just a style. You can have different outfit look from a dress BUT this depends on how creative and individual is or rather the believe that STYLE is dynamic. 

"Through this love for dressing up I started making videos on how to style your clothes, every little piece of cloth you have in your clothes is a potential style, once you know how to put them together to create a gorgeous piece the less clothes you" have.... She revealed

 Elaborating on styles, she also revealed:

"I don’t have or own a designers clothes or bags or shoes to appear gorgeous at any event but when I appear, I turn heads, that is called the POWER OF STYLING. 

 So if you are in need of styling advise Chikaodi is always available to help.... Just click here 

What's your major Hit success? 

"Well about success and achievements, I am just that girl living each day that goes by me. Once I can breath I just go about my daily business./ work. I take life the way it comes most times I still find it difficult to say these are my success and achievements.

But my focus is to grow grow on Social Media, instagram because there is money on IG. Open my own YouTube channel which is almost ready. IBam creating an online business where I can sell clothes, bags and other beautiful girly stuffs here in the Netherlands."


Styles are inspired daily by one thing or the other. 

" What really inspire my styles and dress up is just me. I have this life in me that I must look good at every time. I am a very happy person so that reflects in me whenever I am stepping out of my house to show that this is who I am. I am very detailed as well, when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. I don’t go by the rules of fashion when I can be different and give some extra extra to be different. 

 I love to take photos, I make photos every single day that I dress up.

I'm sure it's been an eye opening interview with Chikaodi, you can follow-up on Instagram by clicking here 


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