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Princess Mercy Odey Abu: FASHION INSIGHT

Princess Mercy Odey Abu: FASHION INSIGHT

Fashion is a whole lot of things and that’s why you’ll refer to fashion as a lifestyle without going wrong in any way. Having a short insightful session with a fashion designer never goes wrong either. 

Princess Mercy Odey Abu is a 5.11 feet tall light skin gem from Cross River State/Kogi State, Born in Lagos state. Did her nursery & primary studies at Air-force primary school V.I Lagos state , rounded up her primary & secondary studies in cross River state,Studied linguistics & communications studies in the university of calabar,Cross River State.



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I am a certified fashion designer/wardrobe stylist, CEO of Bliss Embellisher. won Miss Goodwill Ambassador 2018 which is now tittle Miss Goodwill Ambassador Africa & also a 17 times Award winner. I love traveling, I love making new friends,love trying cuisines new to me, love reading motivational books,I love shoes,love cooking (ya I’m damn good cook), love listening to music. Princess Mercy Odey Abu is a creative/innovative female who is full of love for God & those around her.

What is your own definition of fashion?

To me Fashion is an expression of style through unleashing trends

 Choosing a style, how does it depend on the fabric?

 As a fashion designer I will say Choice of Fabric is very important in order to get nice fitting to one’s shape & style. You can’t want well fitted dress & then go for sweats prints, or want 2 piece suit then go for a Lycra print that will be a disaster. It’s always win win when you choose the right fabric.

What drift have you noticed greatly in fashion in the last one decade?

A lot of old fashion are becoming  new trends

What trend are you envisioning in 2021?

 I wouldn’t call it trend, I see a more creativity in the fashion sense & sector

How do you choose your daily outfits?

 I actually don’t make or get outfits that don’t suit my taste, if I don’t like it, I don’t get it . So after my shower & makeup, I just pick what suits the occasion (that’s if There is) or whatever I want to wear, because everything in my wardrobe is liked by me.

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