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Queens Emerged at Faceofbeautynigeria

Queens Emerged at Faceofbeautynigeria

Faceofbeautynigeria, is a prestigious online beauty pageant which focuses on empowering the girl child to become the millennial lady in our immediate society. Being a Milennial Lady comes with more than the Basic Idea of a Lady, You have to be all of that but you also need to be strong, confident and not afraid to show your emotions. You need to be strong willed because there are so many things to influence you right now .

It’s major work maintaining the standards of a Proper Lady, because no good thing comes easy. You need to put in as much effort until it becomes a daily habit and this is why Faceofbeautynigeria has been all about making a wave of women empowerment via the showcase of beauty in an accessible way to queens. 

The Founder of Faceofbeautynigeria founded this great pageant brand and it remains an online pageant as opposed to live pageant to reduce the money girls have to spend in live pageants before they emerge Queen. 

At Faceofbeautynigeria, there is no live auditions or live grand finale. FOBN Entertainment believes every girl is a Queen and should be given a platform and under this platform. 

In the just concluded contest, Queen Adeola Gentry emerged the newly crowned winner of Faceofbeautynigeria 2019.

She was was Crowned on the 30th January after going through an online voting process that lasted 15 days. Queen Adeola is a native of Osun state who graduated from Redeemers University where she studied Banking and Finance and she is 21 years old. 

Before the voting started, the management had all contestants in a WhatsApp group like an online camp for 5 days which was all empowering.

"Faceofbeautynigeria is one of the most prestigious pageants I have ever seen both online and live." said Queen Adeola

 I look forward to a great year ahead as Queen and hope to use my office as a Queen to impact other girls . She added 

"My goals is to become a role model, someone that people will look up to because of the way I handle myself and go after my dreams and in 5 years, I see myself being that person." she said in her interview with ngkings.com.ng 

Queen Adeola was crowned along side Queen Stephanie who emerged the first runner up that made her Miss Tourism Faceofbeautynigeria 2019.

She is an esteemed 18 years old queen from Delta state studying Accounting at the prestigious Covenant University. She enjoys swimming and listening to music. And aims at making her office worth while to her world. 

Yea!!! Like earlier said; every lady is a queen and am sure you have seen these two queens been amazingly beautiful. Thats not all about them as they will be making their 'queendom' worth it. So keep up with them @faceofbeautynigeria on Instagram 

These queens are definitely worthy of your time. 

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