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RUTH BRODRICK...My styles serves this purpose and ultimately wraps this goal....

RUTH BRODRICK...My styles serves this purpose and ultimately wraps this goal....

Ruth Brodrick is a Doctor with a thing and more for fashion, yet still very passionate about her oath and service to humanity. 
Being a doctor easily comes first and fashion influencing, a carefully planned pleasure.

•How did it all get started?

"Oh, I’d say it started as a joke. 

Fashion influencing was never on my to-do list, I loved fashion and that was it for me until a friend buzzed about a modeling shoot. A brand needed a model urgently, I wasn’t one at that time and my response could have been ‘No’ as a true introvert, but I took the offer and can’t say why. 
Looking back, I’d say ‘that was fate playing out’. 
Few months afterwards, same brand reached out to me for influencing, we had an agreement and that was the push life gave me. I moved with it, uncertain? Oh I was... but it gradually grew on me and I enjoyed every bit of it."

It took me a while to figure out how fashion influencing works on the streets of Instagram, I got a hang of it eventually, discovered my style and found my course. 
Ever since I’ve been wearing the robe with all its colors and I’d say it has been truly interesting...


•How do you think your line of work or what you do gives value back to the society?

Fashion is basically a lifestyle which is evidently seen in all ramifications of our society. Giving fashion an easy and relatable shade goes a long way in helping its expressibility in our society. My styles serves this purpose and ultimately wraps this goal.


• So style influencing, who is your role model and how do you create engaging contents?

There’re couple of influencers I admire and take a cue from when it comes to styling and branding.

I always try to keep content creation easy,  thanks to thorough and concise planning. To be honest, some days are extremely tasking but I’ve learnt to be tenacious and daring when it comes to completing my set goals.  

• Style or Fabric which comes first?

Obviously STYLE. It can turn the oddest fabric into a beautiful sight.






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