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Style Inspiration: What Men Should And Shouldn’t Wear To Future Awards Africa 2019

Style Inspiration: What Men Should And Shouldn’t Wear To Future Awards Africa 2019

You must know that The Future Awards Africa 2019 is holding this weekend, except, of course, you’ve been living without the internet. With all the various events around town this season, it can be difficult to find the right piece or outfit for each event and this is where style guides are a helpful resource.

Although there is no specific code of dressing, we’re going with Black tie creative. Consider this a supplemental guide to the unique dress code.

If you’d be attending, then you’d be definitely wearing a suit of some sort. You don’t need to go as formal as a tuxedo, but a suit and tie combination is your safest bet. If you want to show some individuality, try to do so with a suede or damask blazer or an interesting tie, or some interesting shoes. Make sure that you don’t wear jeans, as they are far too casual for such an event.

Remember that going to The Future Awards Africa is no small thing, so you should be leaving your regular accessories and jewellery at home. Don’t dull your look by wearing just anything.


Try large cocktail rings and droplet earrings that will play up your neck. You don’t need to drop millions on diamonds; crystals and gemstones to look like luxe. You can do it in the right way without breaking the bank 

 As regards shoes, to shine in the spotlight, you’d definitely need some patent leather, loafers, or studded leather shoes. You don’t have to be boring, yet not too over the top.

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