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The Humanitarian Queen

The Humanitarian Queen

Igwe Emmanuella Uchechukwu is a student, a model, a beauty Queen currently (The Humanitarian Queen 1st runner up 2018/2019). And also a beauty organics Merchant though still starting.

Talking about her inspiration, 

"My inspiration... Hmmm... Well, I was inspired by my past experiences.... My background.

I didn't come from a wealthy home... And my parents always tried to make my life better no matter what. They taught me to fight to survive even when there is no reason to. I grew up in an area when poverty is a norm. But my mum told me that a condition is not meant to remain permanent... We choose our conditions. So I chose to change mine... I chose to step out of my comfort zone and do good for my self... And it has worked out so far. And I will keep working hard.... " she revealed.

What major successes has she recorded? 

" My major success so far is winning the humanitarian queen crown... Believe me it was hard as there were tonnes of pretty girls there. But I kept my faith strong... I even had to cry into the camp because I knew I had zero chances... I was not the prettiest of the most shaped. Though I was the tallest, lol, but I tried my best and made sure to do all I was asked.and am happy it paid off"

Advising young ladies out there about the fake it Till you make it mindset she opined that humans should remain real in their dealings. 

 "My advice to ladies out there is to be real... Stay in your zone... Faking it gives you burden of people that are meant to be into that life... which will obviously be greater than you. But when you live according to who you really are. Life is easier....and things that are meant for you will come to you"

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