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The road called success sometimes looks like an adventure which before setting to trudge on one must first have a target unlike adventure let the truth be told one sometimes die one sometimes get discouraged but the beauty of success and  it' road is when it is finished and you are at the peak the nourishment of memories of all the trials one has subdued. 
Success road are smooth at the beginning but the middle is always rough battling with consistency, doggedness, willingness, and self motivation and this sometimes seems elusive but a mand determine to succeed never relent. 
Many thing are always met on the road of success which many take as obstacle but never really an obstacle but instrument of encouragement and improvement of one specific success journey such as betrayal, discouragement from folks, lack of foresightedness and accomplishment unbecoming. But above all one set to succeed can always take a detour in making all these into an opportunity and ladder in getting to the next distance, the next level, the next achievement by this one gradually gets to the final destination of one's success road.
The first thing about success is planning and the ability of accepting the pure truth that the journey won't be a smooth sail rather a war against one's self which can only be won by the same self, so there by it demand the execution of one's definite weakness and lapses , developing thick skin to  all negative efforts to distracting your focus, constant build upon training on improving one's ability. 
There are different type of people in a success road. The one who wonder the one who get amazed the one who is amazing by actually doing it. So just do it.
*Michelle says:
   This road called success is not a straight road, there is a lacuna called failure, setback, confusion, friends, enemies, family, jobs, procrastination, but with determination, consistency, hard work and the will power things will happen and you can make it to a place called success. 
    To accomplish great things(success) we must  work not only to dream, but be realistic in doing things, dreaming alone is not enough but working and acting according to that dream and believing also will make it work. 
    A successful person is one who can lay great foundation from bricks others throw at him. We should not make assumptions we should find the courage to ask questions about things we know nothing about, that can be a step in attaining something called SUCCESS. 
    People do say there are many secrets to being successful, but there are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure and past mistakes, success does not come to you, you go for it. 
  Putting your mind, soul, heart into every single and smallest acts can make a difference and can lead to a great success. 
   There are two categories of people who will tell you, you can not make it in life, those that is afraid to try and those who are afraid you will get there. Don't wait the time will never be just right do it now.

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