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The Social Media Influence on Art

The Social Media Influence on Art


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Happy new year viewers, you all made 2019 worth and you are My Bolanle cos you LIKE BETTER THING. 

So I've been thinking since I met Broda shaggi, (as we camped together at Ekiti camp... Very noisy somebody) what Influence Social media has on Art. 

The digital world is growing fast and effective also the digital market as we have made it clear art isn’t all about painting but, the ability to come up with extraordinary content that will wow people.

Looking at the light of Maraji (Gloria Oloruntobi), Lasisielenu, Craze Clown, Oluwakaponeski also known as Mama Tobi, Akann D Boy, Broda Shaggy. All these guys are strongly benefiting off social media, wonder what they will be without it, these brilliant minds grasp the opportunity and seized it, far back as 2014.

Artists and graphics designer haven't been left out, yes Art Festival or gallery pays off but cost demands are high, thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Snaps chat, Tumbler, Pinterest, Facebook, Google photos Artist have been able to create themselves a digital gallery thus saving them all the extra cost you can acquire planning a physical set up. So, it’s safe to say social media Cons depends on how you spend your time on It. Here are some Leonardo Da Vinci of social media and their piece.














Have a great day!!! 🤗 

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Kanmi Olusco Posted on Jan 9 2020 8:26 PM

How do they make their money sef

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Kanmi Olusco Posted on Jan 10 2020 10:12 AM

How do they make their money sef

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