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Unveiling Face of Charming Queen Nigeria

Unveiling Face of Charming Queen Nigeria

Face of charming queen Nigeria is an online pageant founded in 2020 to give a viable platform to, and as well empower  young aspiring female models that are bold, beautiful and possess every shades of fashion, through the use of SOCIAL MEDIA.

Aspiring models are accorded the opportunity to participate in beauty pageants and fashion contests from the sweet comfort of their homes. That is, every process of the pageantry; from registration, camping, voting and the likes, are done on-line via INSTAGRAM.

In addition, an interesting thing about Face of Charming Queen Nigeria is that THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION regardless of your height, weight or skin colour because we strongly believe that all Ladies are beautiful just the way they are.




                                                                                   Monica Benjamin is the Winner of Miss Flawless 2020

 Monica Benjamin is the Winner of Miss Flawless 2020 under the brand Face_of_charming_queen_nigeria. 
Monica is a  student of Ekiti State University in her third year studying theatre and media arts, she resides in Lagos State with her parents and siblings.

"I'm a jovial and straightforward person😌"

Pageantry  from the word pageant means 

  • a mere show : pretence.
  • an ostentatious display. 
  • show, exhibition especially 
  • an elaborate colorful exhibition or spectacle often with music that consists of a series of tableaux, of a loosely unified drama, or of a procession usually with floats.

When we talk of pageantry now in the aspects of modelling.
It's a ceremony where other queens and various personalities are invited to watch a new set of queens crowned. Not just crowned as different activities will hold as well, like, catwalks, dance, question and answers,and other various activities. 
An occasion like dinner party might hold with the newly queens or as well with all participants depending on the brand.

With my office, I'd see to the growth of the brand and see how I can help in my own little way to ensure to reach out to other females who'd love to participate but have low self esteem or those who are willing to participate and have financial issues as well, I'm not rich but would work hard to help the few I can.


"I wouldn't say it was tough or easy at the same time. Would I rather say I was focused and knew what I wanted, good things doesn't come in a easy way, you just have to work hard to earn it."

The only way I was a bit scared was when I was banned from commenting on Instagram 😂, but with the help of my mum (best friend) and other friends, they helped me and talked words of encouragement to me.

When I emerged Miss Flawless 2020, I was happy and couldn't help myself other than to start dancing and shouting😆. 

I've always wanted to be a role model to every girl child and not just girl child but to every youth in the country home and abroad at large, being a Queen of this prestigious brand would help me in achieving my dreams😌😍


Marvellous oluwole Is Miss Flawless Top model of the face of charming queen brand, Ifrom Ondo state, but reside in Ado ekiti,  a student of Ekiti state university, 200l...and a model...



  • Firstly, to inspire many girls out there that they can be anything they want to be, if only they want to .. Not just to showcase their beauty but their inner strength to build the platform Face of charming queen Nigeria
  • I would use that title to create awareness of volunteering to help those less fortunate than us, the homeless and the poor...and also to build the brand. 


Miss Saera Maina is the 20 years old Face of charming queen Miss Flawless Tourism from Plateau State,

I want to change the narrative that pageantry is focused on only beauty.

" The contest was not an easy one with all the beautiful contestants working hard to reach the top.
When my picture was posted and name announced as one of Miss Flawless Queens I was astonished and excited . It was a great experience because aside winning I learnt a lot during the online camp and met other beautiful contestants.
In all my contest experiences I have had one or more things to learn, what matters is having the right mindset and win spirit."

An interesting thing about Face of Charming Queen Nigeria is that THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION regardless of your height, weight or skin colour because we strongly believe that all Ladies are beautiful just the way they are.








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