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WCW with Kiitana

WCW with Kiitana

Hey lovelies, it is Wednesday once again and we are so excited to do what we enjoy doing best. I bet you can tell what that is right? Of course, it certainly is all about celebrating and appreciating women based on one of our favorite hashtags; #WCW.


This week, we are crushing on no other person than a beautiful, multi talented young lady. A hair and beauty guru who has left unimaginable impact in the world of beauty and fashion. I am referring to a lady no other than, Kiitana.

She is a Nigerian based in Los Angeles and has been doing quite well for herself. She is known mostly for her bold hairstyles, hair styling tutorials on her YouTube channel; Kiitanaxo and her personal blog; Kiitana.com. Her makeup tips, DIY projects and tutorials, and also her fashion advice can not be left out when talking about our Woman Crush of the week.

She began her YouTube channel on the 18th of May, 2014 and has since thrived, currently having more than 250,000 subscribers. Her Instagram profile is a place to visit, as you will be wowed at it's content. Kiitana has followers ranging to about 462k and her fan base keep waxing stronger.

Guess what?! she takes beautiful and breathtaking pictures which are awe-mazing and trust me they would leave you wowed beyond your imaginable thoughts.

Take a look at her amazing pictures below 

Before this post gets too long, I just wanna tell you she founded a clothing brand. Yeah, she did. You are free to visit @atarahavenue on Instagram and have a tour by feeding your eyes.

See you Next Wednesday 

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