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Wednesday Creative time With Thelma Chisom

Wednesday Creative time With Thelma Chisom

Today we’ll be getting familiar with Thelma Chisom a model/fashion influencer and  a 4th year medical student of Esuth

I’ve been model for close to 5yrs now and still do because of the passion I have for it and I started modeling at the age of 17. 
My very first shoot was when I worked with one of Enugu top Make up Artists and photographer then @stmagicalcreations and @lucasugo2 for a makeup fair exhibition that year and from there my zeal for modeling became really intense and got more inspired to do more

 As an influencer I just started and I’ll love to take it further and see how it goes. still very much new in the influencing game

At the moment I’m a face for sapphire scents, and one of the top face models for south East

When it comes to getting jobs,some models face some challenges when getting booked for low prices🤦‍♀️ so Personally I had to push myself so far so people would see your value and got a good management

Finally, Achieving your goals balls down staying positive anf consistent.



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