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Women in Focus with Hon. Queen Habibat Aliyu

Women in Focus with Hon. Queen Habibat Aliyu

Getting your goals set as a woman is the basics of success. Success is everywhere but not everyone sees it. Today we have a Resourceful Young Woman in The North Central of Nigeria having to share some amazing piece with us at the Episode of Women in Focus. 

Guess who this is??? 

I am Hon Queen Habibat Aliyu. from kogi state, lokoja local government to be precise. A graduate of kogi state polytechnic and had my PGD at nasarawa state university. 

Born on 31st oct 1989 to the family of Alh/ Mrs Abubakar Aliyu.from the family of 5 all girls. and I'm the 3rd born.

An ex beauty queen, an entrepreneur, a fashion designer and a young youth in politics.

The candidate of labour party for lokoja1 house of assembly at the just concluded election. Am an easy going person, love helping the less privilege and needy.

I like honesty and dislikes dishonesty. My favourite food is pounded yam and egusi soup. I like it hot! My best color is red.

My hobbies are sewing, travelling, cooking, meeting wonderful people, reading news papers and I don't joke with my bed😁

What inspired me to go into fashion and politics. Inspiration is everywhere, people take their inspiration from different places and I went into fashion because I have a passion for it.

Have been passionate about it right from when I was small. I am very creative and creativity is a veritable tools for people that are creative. Just give me any headtie or headgear and I would tie it well for you. People come to me to tie for them as at when I was like 11 year old. I.e My family and Neighbours. I create most of my styles now and the more you think the more you get inspired and get ideas from creative minds.

As for politics, my immediate community inspired me to go into it because they showed that I can be trusted, capable and even funded some of my campaigns. I was encouraged and motivated as the first female candidate for lokoja1 since inception.

"Fake it till you make it" if you want to feel more confident you have to act more confident. You can actually fake it when you're seriously working on achieving it and not just relaxed.

Acting "as if" is a common prescription in psycotheraphy. It's based on the idea that if you behave like the person you want to become, you will become like this in reality.

Fake it by acting and actualizing it and not fake it just to impress the media because social media has really done more harms to our women than good by unnecessary competitions and fake lifestyles.


I'm sure you've had an incredible moment with Queen Habibat Aliyu, one of the Resourceful young woman in kogi state. 

So I'll leave my viewers with this Quote: What you think About, you can bring About..... It's a law of attraction. 

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