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YaR: Imana Lily ON NGKINGS

YaR: Imana Lily ON NGKINGS

Imana Lily is A model, an actor and a concept creator. Basically creating concepts via pictures and making her pictures tell a story. 



Well, I’d say my inspiration is my body. I got inspired into body modeling when I started working more on my body and maintaining my desired shape. And then, my love for entertainment.

 I love the spotlight and being on camera. Entertainment is more of an hobby for me. But then again, it’s more fun when you building a legacy out of a hobby. Getting paid for having fun!😊

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What drives me daily is my zeal of being up there!! Of being big, bigger and better than I was the day before. And then, I have a very few friends and they’re the best. My friends are my first and realest fans; they keep reminding me everyday of the life we’ve dreamed of and planning to attain. And not letting any form of distraction from reaching that goal. 

I’m more of an imaginary person. I imagine things a lot; it helps in my creativity in turning those thoughts into images



I mostly create my concepts in my mind. So I could be in a party and be working on a concept I’m trying to see in pictures. 



I chose my daily outfits based on the weather and my mood. You don’t want to wear a tracksuit on a sunny day. 

And there are days I wake up and be in the mood of either looking all classy or plain 




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