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Apt_media photography insight

Apt_media photography insight

Pictures are messages containing the HUMANITY OF THE MOMENT. 

 Straight from @apt_media are the pictures below and what inspired them to be taken 


My hard light series. 

"I'm all about creating irregular images this image happened on set the model dint have a session with me her friend was the one that I had a session with but she came anyway I saw her and thought what could be done and it hit me and I just had to bring it to life 

This image was shot by my Canon 6D and a flash light"


"This image was inspired by the hair the model is a friend of mine and I saw her hair and I asked her to take a picture of it before she changed it and I was amazed with the result

The picture was taken with my Canon 6D, 2 light sources(flash with a softbox each)"


" I wanted to a picture of a powerful woman and I don't want something serious women might not be physically powerful but their power lies more in their minds I just had to pass the message through the book '48 Laws of Power' I think a peculiar thing about my picture is the way I shape my light 

The picture was taken with my Canon 6D, 2 light sources(flash with softbox each)"


" This image was inspired by the location has you can see a payphone which was in front of an hotel in Abuja the guy was flexing his muscles I was flexing my finger on the shutter 

The image was taken with Canon 6D, and just a light source(flash with softbox)"

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