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8 Things that could interest you about Timi and Busola Dakolo

8 Things that could interest you about Timi and Busola Dakolo

Busola Amupitan, known as Timi Dakolo’s Wife has been married to Timi Dakolo since 2012 nonetheless their union keeps waxing stronger and area unit seen everyplace along.

In a new interview with Punch, they share their superb story and that we bring you seven things which may interest you!

8. They met during a church:

“We met at the House on the Rock church. i used to be not looking out then, however merely minding my very own business after I noticed her.

I was standing behind the choristers on stage after I hawk-eyed this fine lady. I visited speak to her by asking her why she was displeased in church.”

7. Their initial speech was sort of cold

I bear in mind expression, ‘Hi, my name is Timi Dakolo,’ and she said ‘and so?’

6. She gave him a Fake Phone Contact

“You wouldn’t believe that she intentionally gave me a fake number and i started sorting out her each Sunday till I finally wedged along with her and challenged her for giving me a wrong number.

It absolutely was my lucky day as a result of that was however we tend to started talking. This was in 2010.”

Timi Dakolo’s Wife says “I gave him my real number however he thought it absolutely was a wrong one. Sadly, my phone got missing that day. After service, he followed us in a car to discover where I was staying, while he keep on coming back to the house.

With time I discovered he’s totally different from different artistes. He clad to be a beautiful person.”

5. Their proposal story is unusual

I visited visit her and then place the ring in an empty plate. I was a little afraid that she would possibly say no however at constant time, i used to be convinced it absolutely was time to try and do it.”

Timi Dakolo’s Wife says: “It happened early within the morning. He said he wanted to make breakfast in bed then he came with the plate lined and stayed a couple of minutes. I wasn’t expecting something over noodles however he opened the plate and brought out a Ring.”

4. Timi Dakolo witnessed the birth of their 3 kids

The arrival of our kids. I even have continually been within the labour area. I used to be the primary one who carried my third kid once she was born.

3. They fancy traveling together

Different unforgettable moments embody our travels, our ‘alone time’ reception with and while not the youngsters.

It’s been a good looking journey to date and that i have learnt abundant being a father and husband.

I additionally feel the collective responsibility of not having to assume for less than you alone any more, could be a part of my wedding. You can’t simply rouse and depart on your own.

After I keep outside for an extended time, my spouse would call me up and sardonically say, ‘greet those folks wey dey there with you on behalf of me o. Its past 11pm greet them goodnight.’ it’s been a jolly ride with ups and downs.”

2. They love one another nonetheless don’t a run joint account

No, we tend to trust one another and don’t ought to show one another our bank statements.

We tend to don’t have joint account but monthly budgets. we’ve got totally different accounts for various things and support one another financially.

1. What they would love to change about each other..

Busola: “He stays on the phone for too long. i need him to give me more attention than being on the phone.”

Timi: “She ought to be quick whenever we plan going out and apply her make-up in haste.”

Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola Amupitan was the former Zenith Bank staff. 

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