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Birthday Shout out: Oguche Vivian and Foundation unveiling

Birthday Shout out: Oguche Vivian and Foundation unveiling

Oguche Vivian Is an igala girl from dekina LGA, kogi state she's a model, a philanthropist and an artist.

Waking up everyday is an inspiration to everything I do... She said


How easy has it been for the past one year? 


Vivian: "Trying to be the kind of woman I wanna be has really been a challenge on it’s own. There are ups and downs in waking up daily and trying to be a better person. There’s friendship, peer pressure, personal relationship and the community looking at you out there"


There is no doubt it can't always be easy especially when you are the optimistic one who want to do better daily!!! But the consolation is.... Growth is inevitable so you have to grow well.

Vivian is set to Launch a foundation Named Rural Voices Initiative and its a great one. 

Just so you know that one of the greatest opportunities given to man is the chance to invest in others. But this investment is different from the Economic world... Its an investment without Expectations of pay back.. But the sweetest part is that the Blessings come in bulk. 


"I have been working on my foundation for a while now, it’s called RURAL VOICES INITIATIVE and it is been launched today being my birthday. I want to be able to put smiles on as many faces as I can for the next one year and forever. Then there is graduation and so many other amazing things to bring forth."


Keep up with us for the next one week for daily updates on the Rural Voices Initiative outreach for the week. 


Once again.. Happy birthday Vivian. 



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