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Ex-BBN housemate, Mike: Worthy of Emulation

Ex-BBN housemate, Mike: Worthy of Emulation


Meet Mike Olayemi, a Nigerian-British athlete and entrepreneur who is married to a beautiful Jamaican-British athlete, Perri Shakes- Drayton.

 Mike is the first runner up of the just concluded Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show Season 04.

The Moral value of BBN has been frequently questioned on different platforms and by renowned personalities across boards over the years.

This season wasn't an exception but someone was.

 This married gentleman by all standards has over the last 90+ days of this ongoing season, shown the continent of Africa that a black man can be a faithful husband, well mannered and still entertain. 

He has exhibited a character that is worthy of emulation, a reference and a role model to men in respect to love,relationship and marriage.

Relationship paddy which is known for celebrating couples beamed the spot light on this true gentleman and his amazing wife that has brought out the true beauty in a black man.

Countless times, he"Mike" has told other housemates that the most beautiful thing that has happened to him " is marrying his wife" .

Despite the manner in which he shares stories about the love he and his wife shares, the young CEO has remained true to that love and continues to show discipline, commitment and strength.


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Alexvictor Posted on Oct 7 2019 6:23 PM

I must commend him. While it isn't easy, I think that a form decision from the start is key.

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