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Minister congratulates Brume

Minister congratulates Brume

Minister of Youth and sports Development Mr Sunday Dare has assured that the breath taking performance of Ese Brume at the Chula Vista Festival where she shattered Chioma Ajunwa's African and Nigerian record would propel her to excel at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

According to the Minister

 "Congratulations to Ese Brume for her impressive performances at the Sandiago Chula Vista Festival, she was simply fantastic , cool, confident and composed. Her performance was not only fantastic, but a good motivation to others as Team Nigeria continues the build- up to the Tokyo Olympics. This feat would send the right signal to the world that Nigerian athletes mean business and would not be push overs at the Olympics. We have provided all support to our team to actualize the dream of podium success at the Olympics", the Minister assured.

Brume leapt 7.17m to beat Olympics champion Britney Reese, and Chantley Malone to the 2nd and 3rd positions. 

Her performance erases the 25 year record of compatriot Chioma Ajunwa who leapt 7.12 to win gold medal at the Atlanta ,96 Olympics.




*Media office, Minister of Youth and sports Development*

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