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Miss Globe USA

Miss Globe USA

Alyssha Shanks is a Global titleholder, Miss Globe.. A beauty Queen and good will ambassador promoting cause that concern women and slaying the runway as a model and spokesperson.

She's completely passionate about making a difference in the lives of women.... yes, men too... but she have a heart for women because their voices have not been heard for very long, so it’s time to shout.

" I love owning womanhood and confidence and inspiring others to do the same." 

"Well winning Miss Globe was a HUGE success for me and it was all about diligence and confidence and taking one small step st a time!" 


How do you choose your outfits daily? 

Great questionI get a lot of sponsored clothes ... I also looove to shop so I’m no stranger to a shopping spree. If you look good you feel good ❤️❤️

You can keep up with Alyssha Shanks: the MissGlobeUSA2018 here 

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