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Thursday: NYSC DIARY

Thursday: NYSC DIARY

I have sha suffer in this Lafia that I've come. 

You know I use to be on my own jejely minding my business. 

I didn't did anything ooo. 

That's how I cook stew with my small money that I want to be managing. 😌😌😌


Shey you people remember my flatmate wey dem beat the other day, the guy no fit ever hear word😏😏😏, you go think say after the beating wey he receive that time he go change, but just like leopard the guy no fit change🙄🙄🙄🙄. 

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And as the Bible don talk say "head wey go chop knock, even if he wears helmet he go comot am."

No ask me which part of the Bible I no remember.

Back to my stew, I cook this very sweet stew and any time I look the stew, my stomach wee just be sweeting me. 

Some small small celebrities dey inside the stew base on corper budget. I only eat this stew once and I comot go work.


Well my fuckerycant flatmate come invite one of him pekere come house and I no know wetin lead to wetin I come back house to come boil spaghetti make I take dey alright. 

Ghen Ghen stew say make I dey find am😳😳😳😳.

I come begin dey wonder maybe my village people don visit me or hungry thieves don enter my house 🤔🤔🤔.


My precious #600 stew with meat and tiny tiny kpomo😭😭😭.

I no even know whether na to cry or to dey swear. 

I just kuku sit-down for parlour dey wonder wetin happen to my stew na him my flatmate enter with one tiny leg something.

The girl no even fine oooo, breast babu nyansh nko rara oooo. 

Eskiss me are you a girl bayi!!!


Na so she open mouth say good afternoon but the anger😡😡😡 in me didn't allow me to even answer.. 

She come continue "corper your stew is sweet ooo, so you can cook like this!"

Heys is thunder that will fire that your mouth there. 

But as per nice person wey I be, I smile answer her "Thank you".

If only she know wetin dey my mind, she for no greet me. 

Emi ika👹👹👹


Them enter room go dey knack inside very hot sun!!! 

Don't you fear God??

What if thunder come and strike you people now??. 

Well back to the matter I just comot go buy coke and biscuit, but I also buy Cameroon pepper join.


well to cut the story short, two people body pepper dem and I just dey my room dey listen to Timaya I can't kill myself self. 

Next time u no go chop my stew again.


Okay here is what happened to the pepper, it might have mistakenly pour inside our jerican of water. 

Before you insult me, just remember that nobody is above mistake.


Story Teller: Maxi Badmus @kitchencommandant - lafiaKopa


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