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Unveiling Missnigerianface 2020 Queens

Unveiling Missnigerianface 2020 Queens

Most individuals have tagged pageantry as a competition in a show where young women contest in beauty, boldness, intelligence among others.. Meanwhile every pageants come with unique qualities.


At Miss Nigerian Face, it's an online contest known for class and creativity in unique ways that's beyond Beauty. This Pageant has given every young lady out there leveled ground to make the dream of becoming a beauty Queen a reality... 


No size limits 

No Height limits and many more. 

In the just concluded contest, Queens Emerged. 


Queen Victory from Anambra State

Missnigerianface World 20


First Runner up Missnigerianface 20 Charismatic

Queen Lilian.


Queen Chiamaka, from Imo state.

Missnigerianface 20 Tourism


 Queen Erica, from Edo State.

Missnigerianface 20 Top Model


Queen Deborah, from Edo State.

Missnigerianface 20 Photogenic.

These Queens are set to make impacts in their reigns.... Anticipate their official pictures!!! 

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