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xenophobia “comes from the Greek language” and is the “attitudes, prejudices and behaviour that reject, exclude and often vilify persons, based on the perception that they are outsiders or foreigners to the community, society or national identity” (www.unesco.org).


Over the years, the 'disease' called xenophobia has made humans vent their psychological problems on who ever they feel threatened by. This is wrong and that is the current situation Nigerians residing in South Africa, are suffering from the hands of the South Africans.

Without any form of condescending judgement, the gory experience of the south Africans during Apartheid has developed a certain warped psychology, that they feel threatened by foreigners, even those that have shared a part of their experience. Having being made worthless in their own lands by the colonialists, their pent up anger, the hate that they had been given as infants comes out in full force because of the subjugation hence they become violent.

We do not support the killings of our own people but we do not also support the psychological state of well being of South Africans. Both Governments of the affected citizens of the countries should school their people and appropriate help should be sought. When one watches his kin die, he will watch the murderer die too. Humans cannot bottle up pain and something be done fast. We might let go of the anger but not the pain if the blood is not atoned. Psychological trauma pass wetin we fit see with eye!



We say no to Xenophobia

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